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Hey Jess! This is a great list; it’s refreshing and clarifying to see treatments described using plain language, even for ones I’m familiar with.

Since you asked for feedback, a couple comments:

* When available, it’d be helpful to see the technical terminology and/or euphemisms that some treatments go by. (I guess “helpful” here imagines this document being used by someone attempting to navigate the system.)

* It’s striking to me how many of the descriptions here are verbs that happen TO the patient, rather things the patient can do. That says something about how we approach mental illness rather than your list in particular. Still, it might be an interesting exercise to rephrase these with patients as the active subject.

* Group therapy and solo therapy probably each deserve their own separate entries

* EMDR (and maybe similar therapies?) might require a new category of talk therapy *plus* some mechanical component

Thanks for the post!

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