Updates on the updates, a slack, and all the things I cannot say...

December 2022

Focusing the plan: preparing to rebuild the psychiatric crisis system from the ground up

November 2022

Marketing, scheming about a podcast, writing up ideas

October 2022

Launching psychcrisis.org/guide, and an $80K grant!
(building a crisis response guide for manic episodes, mostly)

August 2022

an antidote to euphemistic jargonese
the crisis expertise paradox, mania as a sleep problem, and more

July 2022

Lived Expertise interviews, legislative visits, crisis support web app plans

June 2022

Starting the Lived Expertise Project, a new team member, and incorporation!
Research to find out 'where should we be going, anyways?'

May 2022

Spitballing on learning without controlled experiments

April 2022

First published case study, podcast appearances, but also covid, misc viruses, jetlag and confusion